How to Corral Clutter (and Maximize Space!) in Your Home’s Entryway

September 13, 2016 | bridge

If you don’t have a designated closet or mudroom where your guests can drop off their shoes and coats upon entering, it can be difficult to keep clutter at bay in the entryway to your home. Here are a few clutter solutions that will help to corral clutter in even the smallest entryways.

  • Add a row of hooks. Every space can accommodate a row of wooden or metal coat hooks hanging on the wall. If you want to add even more storage, consider hanging wooden or woven baskets from a few of the hooks.
  • Add a small bench. To create a space where guests can sit to remove their shoes, place a narrow bench just behind the door. This also plays double-duty as a place where you can store bins or baskets underneath.
  • Place a shelf. Mount a shelf to the wall where you and your guests can toss sets of keys, hats, mail and other items. You might even place a mirror above the shelf to give yourself a place for a last-minute check before leaving the house.
  • Set an old-fashioned coat rack. Need a spot for jackets? Consider a space-saving coat rack. You can usually purchase one at a thrift store or your local home goods store.

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