Have You Tried the Dunkaroo Cupcakes at Parlour Vegan Bakery?

December 20, 2016 | Admin

One of the first of its kind in the area, Parlour Vegan Bakery is a newer addition to the Boca Raton food scene. This bakery concocts all sorts of treats that are loved by vegans and their non-vegan friends alike. When you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by the sweet smells of cupcakes, doughnuts, empanadas, and other vegan goodies.

Bring it back to your childhood and try one of their Dunkaroo cupcakes, topped high with frosting and a cookie. The cupcakes come in all sorts of eclectically delicious flavors, from passion fruit to butterbeer, cafecito mocha to s’mores. If savory is more your style, they make black bean and corn empanadas or chorizo empanadas, as well as pizza rolls. Pair your treat with one of their specialty coffee beverages for the full experience!

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