Treat Yourself to a Trio of Bite-Sized Sweets at Doughboy

November 15, 2017 | Admin

Have you ever been standing in line at your favorite bakery, agonizing over what to order, and realize you don't really want to choose just one treat? Of course, ordering multiple sweets can be problematic for your waistline. Doughboy solved this problem in October when it first debuted in Boca Raton and starting dishing out bite-sized artisan doughnuts.

One person can easily devour three of these petite sweets, so they come in packs of three and six, as well as 16 and 25 for larger groups. This allows customers complete artistic control over their selection of colorful desserts. Piece together a trio that includes bites like the Sugar Baby, topped with Nutella and cinnamon sugar; the Bacon Me Crazy, crowned with maple icing and pieces of bacon; and the Born-A-Cinna, sporting a layer of vanilla icing and crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Wash down your treats with a Pumphouse Dawn cold-brew coffee or a latte at Doughboy.

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