Have You Tried the Feijoada at Little Brazil Boca Raton?



Yet to dine at Little Brazil? Take our advice and head over on a Saturday! That's when this Brazilian restaurant, which made it debut in Boca Racon in August, serves its specialty dish, feijoada! This traditional black bean stew arrives teeming with bacon, pork, rib meat, beef, and sausage! It's served alongside rice and collard […]

Fun and Low-Cost Summertime Activities



With all of its vacations, barbecues, and outdoor concerts, many people would say that the summertime is the most expensive season of the year. If you’re looking to stay active this summer without spending a lot of money, however, consider these fun and inexpensive activities — some of which are totally free! Go on a […]

All-Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes This Summer



You spray and swat, but most of the time, you still end up itching and scratching after the night is through. Luckily, these all-natural mosquito repellents will help you to keep the pesky bugs away — without the use of potentially harmful chemicals or additives. Lavender oil. Create a simple mixture of 30 drops of […]

Happy Father’s Day!



Today is a chance for us to recognize some very important people in our lives. May this day bring you many reasons to smile! Happy Father’s Day!

Fast and Easy Grilled Dessert Recipes



Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the crisp chill of fall is already in the air, preparing dinner on the barbecue grill is always enjoyable. While burgers and kabobs are usually on your arsenal of grillable foods, you may have overlooked the number of desserts that can also be prepared on the grill! […]

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